Cumbuco beach

Cumbuco is an extensive stretch of white sand beach, warm water , trade winds and one of the most stable climates on the planet that makes the place unique.

The first people known to live on the beach, were fisherman because the Natives dwelt a little more upcountry, only eventually fishing on the beach.

Between 1974-1978 the visionary engineer John Bosco Aguiar Dias, invested in the region in an attempt to create a second home destination for Fortaleza locals while improving the life quality of its first residents . Than came Cumbuco, in the form of an allotment whose return to the community was the establishment of a village with private homes for every family of native and residents and the deployment of telephone system. This was the first fishing village in Brazil to have telephony. ( Dias, 2010)

In addition to becoming a consolidated destination for sun and beach tourism in the international and local( Brazilian ) market, in the 90s local windsurfers identified Cumbuco as a location with excellent conditions for the practice of sailing sports due the constancy of its winds, warm water , no active predators (sharks) risk, no natural disasters or extreme waves that facilitates the initiation practice. These sailors reported the location talent that received major competitions and started to built its reputation for water sports.

In the decade from 2000 to 2010 other nautical sport came into the scene. Kite Surfing arrived in Cumbuco. For Kitesurfing Cumbuco is the Mecca nowadays. The conditions are more favorable to kite than for Windsurfing. This fame soon spread with the growth of the sport and channeled a constant flow of international tourists to sail in Cumbuco. Sports tourism stepped in with a larger scale.

Currently the beach of Cumbuco has been significantly benefited from the installation of PECEM industrial port complex, which is 10 KM from Cumbuco and attracted the largest investments in the State history on energy, infrastructure, sanitation, water supply and paving that extended until Cumbuco, which will be the first beach of Ceará with basic sanitation and electricity network on par with urban centers and cities such as Fortaleza .